Request Form for an Educator to Proctor I-Excel

This form allows you to ask an educator you know to proctor I-Excel for your child individually. We strongly recommend discussing this with the prospective proctor before completing this form. This page is not intended to be used with a student participating in a grant program. For more on how I-Excel works with an individual test date, please see the Parent-Arranged Testing section and policies on our website.

Your Child

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Your Information

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The Proctor

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Please note that the test date must be at least two weeks away; some dates are not available for testing.

Requested Test Date:

Once you click the Submit button, an email with your request will be sent to the proctor with a brief description of the test, your name, and your proposed test date. Other details, such as the length of testing (roughly 2.5 hours), will also be included. You will also receive a confirmation email for your request.

The proctor will have the option to accept your request and create a test date or decline your request. You will be notified in either event. In order to test, the proctor must create the test date two weeks or more before the test date.